Asset Monitoring System

This system is being used by ACT to record and monitor the inventory items or units inside the College. Items issued from the store to different departments are recorded electronically in ACT's centralized database and are maintained by the computerized system (AMS). All inventory items are properly barcoded for easy identification and recording purposes.

Each staff has been granted specific privileges to access the inventory control system through the Asset system's module. This system (AMS) can be accessed anytime and everywhere using any web browser by typing https://asset.act.edu.om in the browser’s URL address text box. It can also be found in the College website's eServices.

The college’s support desk (ETC Helpdesk and Admin Helpdesk) are connected to this AMS (Asset Monitoring System). Everytime there is a request to fix the inventory item (computer, printer, monitor, or other items), asset system gives the complete details of the specified inventory item including the department and office location where the item is located.